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Commercial Auto Insurance

Shopping for Business Auto Insurance? Oklahoma City, OK Agents Can Help

If your Oklahoma City company uses corporate vehicles throughout a typical day, don’t make the mistake of thinking a personal policy also covers workplace usage. When you need business auto insurance, Oklahoma City, OK specialists from CPC Insurance want to make it easy to stay protected.

The Information You Need

Trust our staff members to explain why coverage is necessary, and what types of advantages it offers. Most types usually protect you against bodily liability and property damage. If your requirements are very specific, our agents are happy to work with you to find something suitable.

Coverage for Cars You Don’t Own

Employees who drive their own vehicles for company purposes or use cars you rent for them could someday say you’re liable for an accident that happened during work hours. Protect yourself by learning more about how even if you don’t own the vehicles, it’s still possible to get business auto insurance. Oklahoma City, OK agents may tell you this type is commonly called hired/non-owned coverage. The people who work in our offices might be able to suggest ways to add this coverage to an existing policy in a relatively inexpensive way, too.

Policies for People Who Use Their Personal Vehicles to Work

There are dozens of ways to earn an income without working in a traditional office environment. Some people seize those opportunities by driving their personal vehicles to meet with customers, without realizing it may be necessary to purchase separate business auto insurance. Oklahoma City, OK specialists at our office can determine what sort of coverage you need.

Whether you use a personal vehicle to provide in-person consulting to clients in their homes, or have rented cars for employees to use, make sure you have business auto insurance. Oklahoma City, OK experts at CPC Insurance can help you get a policy that fits your needs.